Karuna Health Foundation Featuring Metta Lounge - Vancouver


Karuna Health Foundation featuring the Metta Lounge located at 3636 West 4th is finally open. Hours are 12PM-10PM Monday-Saturday, and 12PM-7PM on Sundays. The facility is state-of-the-art; designed by renowned interior designers and architects. Enjoy our big-screen satellite TV, play some games on our PlayStation 4, listen to music on our surround sound stereo, or sit at the bar... the possibilities are endless. This location is unmatched and more innovative than anything previously seen in Canada. A tranquil, Buddhist-style meditative setting will put you at ease with a beach theme located right near Jericho Beach. Our Extract display allows you to order shatter, presented on ice, *by the piece*. You may choose a chunk right off a large slab of your choice, as big as you want! So come on down! There's lots of seating. We have lots of drink choices too; espresso, coffee, hot chocolate, an assortment of smoothies, milkshakes etc. and there are many great local restaurants nearby. Even If you live far away, our new location is a must see. We look forward to meeting you at the happiest place on earth: **Karuna Health Foundation featuring the Metta Lounge.**


License : M10-18-0000264-TEMP; A10-18-0000220-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 3636 W. 4th Ave.
City : Vancouver
State : BC
Country : CA
Zip : V6R 1P1


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